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Old Waller Place, Groomsbridge, Eng

The "Old Waller Place in England

Aerial House.jpeg

Milden Hall

My Grandparents home in Santa Maria, CA


Waller Ranch #10

The home I grew up in, in Arroyo Grande, CA. Picture it with a tall hedge protecting it from the field with my mother's passion inside, her lovely gardens. After her death my sister butchered the yard.



Grandfather, Lionel Duncuff Waller

He immigrated from England 1905 and built the world's largest flowerseed company, wholesale only which is why you have never heard of it. He is in the boater hat.


My Father, Lionel John Waller

He was president of the company from after WW2 until his passing.


My son, Christopher Lionel Waller

On his wedding day, 18 years with Tara, 2 children, finally married.  Chris is one of the best skier, climbers, and is the best dad I have ever seen.



Truckee home

North of Truckee, out in the forest.


Waller Ranch #16

Where I live now.


Waller Ranch Entry

I i irrigated both hay field and horse pasture


Granddaughter, Georgia June Waller

She is so smart she scares people! And is a great rock climber. With her Maternal Grandmother.


Grandson Lionel Waller

You may have noticed that Lionel is a family name, going back 8 generations to Lionel Askim Bedingfeld Waller


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Truckee Home

Grandaughter Georgia June

Grandson Lionel, with his dad.


Black Bear Pass, summer of 2021, tough even on an Ebike, which did not have the power to pull me up the steep sections Heavy breathing at almost 13,000 feet: Black Bear Pass

IMG_1411 (1).jpeg

The Grand Mesa, from the yard.



morning coffee.jpg

Coffee on the patio at sunup.


On the Grand Mesa, 45 minutes away and 20 degrees cooler!

Sarah with Reggie behind, Packing in.


Chris, and Tara, with Georgia June and Lionel, at Schell Creek Camp, White Pine National Forest, Nevada. Chris is also the best camp cook I have ever seen. He made that pizza in a dutch oven.


Walking back from the Mailbox


With Gauchos on a very isolated ranch run by a very funny and tiny woman.