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Colorado Traverse

This is still in Beta, I will be adding details

A 700 Mile Motorcycle and Mtn Bike route  across Colorado from the Kansas border to Moab, Utah using Jeep tracks, dirt roads, and secondary roads

The Colorado Traverse is a mapped motorcycle route across Colorado from the Kansas border to Moab, Utah, all though the preferred start is the summit of Pikes Peak.  It gives the rider a fine cross section of the state from the high plains of Eastern Colorado to the high Rockies to the Canyon country of western Colorado. It is mostly dirt tracks with some tarmac connecting the tracks. Much of the route runs through isolated areas, fuel up as often as you can.  I have ridden most of it, there are areas I have not ridden yet, but plan to get to them when the snow melts, in June likely. The route is designed to be followed using printouts from this site and other maps such as the Delorme Colorado Atlas, and pertinent National Forest Maps. I have no GPS track, Kit Carson did not need them.

There is gas, food and lodging at reasonable intervals along the route.

The Great Plains to Grand Mesa

Cripple Creek to Moab
The Best Start to the Ride, from the Summit of Pikes Peak to the Broadmoore Hotel in Coloroado Springs.
18. Colorado Springs.jpg

Broadmoor Hotel to half way to  Cripple Creek

17. Bison Creek to Colorado Springs.jpg

The rest of the way into Cripple Creek

16. Cripple Creek to Bison Creek.jpg

Cripple Creek to Florrisant

15. Florrisant to Cripple Creek.jpg

Florrisant to Eleven Mile Reservoir

14. Eleven mile to Florrisant.jpg

Eleven Mile Reservoir to Buena Vista

When you reach Highway 50 first fuel your bike. Then ride north from Escalante Canyon Road 20 miles to Kannah Creek Road. Turn right, East. Take Kannah Creek Road 24 miles to Lands End at the top of the Grand Mesa a climb of 5,000 feet. There is a lookout area with an old CCC built cabin at Lands end, well worth a stop to look down 6,000 feet to Grand Junction and to far distant vistas. From Lands End it is a gentle and scenic gravel road 12 miles to Highway 65. Turn right at Highway 65, ride 5 miles to Baron Lake Drive, this ride takes you along the north shore of Island lake and below the high basalt bluff of Crag Crest, there is a cafe and lodging  at Grand Mesa Lodge en route. Turn left onto Baron Lake Drive. There is a great Forest Service Visitor Center (open depending on Covid) at the corner of 65 and Baron Lake Drive. This is a resort area with cabins for rent and depending on Covid lodging and a restaurant. Last time I checked it was a Polish Restaurant.  We continue east on Baron Lake Drive which becomes a gravel road. The name changes to Lake Shore Drive at the intersection of Old Grand Mesa Road. It is also, Forest Road 121. Continue east, the road bends to the north. The riding becomes technical, the road is largely composed of basaltic boulders, I have jeeped, it is slow and not so fun. North of Bonham Reservior about a mile turn right on to Forest Road 260 [I do not know this road, yet, I do not even know if it is traversable I will update this writing once the snow melts]  Forest Road 260 is also known as The High Trail. At the junction of  Forest Road 263, turn right and follow Forest Road 263 east to Buzzard Divide Road, turn right onto it, proceed south.

13. Buena Vist to Eleven Mile.jpg

Buena Vista to Taylor Park

12. Taylor Park to Buena Vista.jpg

Heading 2

Taylor Park to Almont.

11. Crested Butte to Taylor Park Reservi

Almont to Crested Butte

Crested Butte.jpg

Crested Butte to Highway 133

Crested Butte to 133.jpg

Highway 133 to the Flat Tops

133 to Flat Tops.jpg

Flat Tops to Grand Mesa

Flat Tops to Grand Mesa.jpg

Grand Mesa to Island Lake

Grand Mesa to Island Lake.jpg

Island Lake to Lands End

7. 65 to Island Lake.jpg

Lands End To Highway 50

6. 50 to 65.jpg

Highway 50 to Escalante Canyon Road

5. Escalante to Kannah Creek Road.jpg

Escalante Canyon to Divide Road

Escalante Canyon to Divide Road.jpg

Escalante Canyon to Divide Road part 2

4. Escalante to Hiway 50.jpg

Divide Road to Gateway

3. Gateway to FS 402.jpg

Gateway to the La Sal Range

2. La Sal Mtns to Gateway.jpg

La Sal Range to Moab

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