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Here I have curated a selection of books on the West. I have written several books, so naturally, I have placed them first! 

Old Spanish Trail Guide  
The travelers guide to the Main Route of the Old Spanish Trail, the user can travel the entire route using this book.

Camino Norteńo
. The travelers guide to the Northern Route of the Old Spanish Trail from Espanola. New Mexico to Green River, Utah

Monitor Range.
The world's greatest really short Western novel.

A Toodle through Baja California
, a travel guide with a bite!

I will be adding more books, stay tuned.

The books above, the proceeds come to me, thank you!
The video and books below, the proceeds go to the 
author, they thank you!

Old Spanish Trail Film, Benedicte Schoyen and her husband, Ned Clark


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